Belknap Pump Co.

Agricultural Pumps and Generators

Product Function:
Agricultural application

How often is the product used (on average)?
Continuous 24-hours a day for four to six months during the irrigation season.

What features does the customer like about the Isuzu engine powering the product?
Reliability, trouble-free operation with excellent fuel economy.

What benefits of Isuzu are most noted within this product?
Selling the first unit is sometimes difficult, but once the customer purchases the first time, repeat business is guaranteed.

Scott Belknap, owner, Belknap Pump Co.
We have built our pump business by providing our customers with products and services that they can depend on for many years. A large part of our business is repeat customers.

Our goal in business has always been to maintain a close relationship with our customers years after the sale. With Isuzu diesel engines powering our ag pump units and generators we are able to carry on this tradition. It is a top notch product line with excellent support from the factory and TIPCO, our Isuzu distributor.

Scott Belknap

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